1995 Porsche Carrera

The Carrera has a 3.6L flat six engine making 270 HP at 6100 RPM. Weighing in at 3080 LBS it makes 0-60 just under 5 seconds. It also comes equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission that shifts like butter. Another thing is the exhaust system which is nothing less of what is expected of a Porsche, you can hear all those 270 horses roar when you press down on the gas pedal.


A major hit for the 1995 Carrera is the A-arms and links that now manage rear-wheel movement, give much better camber control than the old semi-trailing arms did. That sticks the fat tires to the tarmac much more dependably. The unconventional weight dis­tribution, with more than 60 percent on the rear wheels, has important benefits, including light, quick steering and spec­tacular braking. 

With an astonishing but minimal interior the Carrera surely is a comfortable car to be in. Something that has to be mentioned is the ignition switch on the left side of the steering wheel, very unique feature. The shifter is very smooth and the clutch is very forgiving. This interior was designed to give you a race-car feel while keeping you comfortable enough to take a roadtrip.

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