2012 Mercedes Benz SLS

With a roaring 6.3L V8 making 563 HP and a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds this is one of the greatest super super cars ever. It comes with a top speed of 196 MPH. This is a car that does just as well in the Hollywood department as it does in the Nurburgring.


 The carbon-ceramic brakes, which are 15.8 inches in diameter at the front and 14.2 inches at the back, are powerful and responsive, and the power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering is easily the sharpest in any Mercedes. We can't forget the carbon fiber driveshaft that weights only 8.8 LBS.

The interior is simple and uncluttered. While the car’s structure is a pure AMG design, most of the parts, except for the shifter, are from the Mercedes bin. The instrument cluster is clear and easy to read, and we love the round AC vents. The center console has an aluminum finish, with carbon fiber an option.

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